General Enquiries

How To Report An Emergency

During Business Hours (8am - 6pm Monday to Friday)
Report directly to your Asset Master Property Services Facilities Manager.
After Hours, On Weekends and Public Holidays
Report the emergency by sending an sms/txt and be sure to include the following details:

►  The building name, address and location of the emergency
►  Type: plumbing, electrical, lifts, security, gas, or other ...
►  A short description of the emergency
►  Is this a low, medium or high response emergency?
►  Could this affect other residents or neighbours?
►  An alternate reply-to sms/txt number if required

Terms and Conditions

You accept by using this service that Asset Master Property Services Pty Ltd and/or the Building/Facilities/Community and/or Building/Facilities/Community Management and/or the Owners Corporation or Building/Facilities/Community owner/s are not entering into any contract with you, and they do not accept any liability or costs incurred by or associated with your using this service nor with any other person/entity using this service on you or your associations implied or stated advice or recommendation.

SMS/TXT the emergency report details to: 0412 360 346